Motor Vehicle Tax Bill Changes

Sale or Disposal of a Motor Vehicle

As a courtesy, the Department of Motor Vehicles sends a list of all the vehicles registered to the Town of Essex on October 1, to the Assessor’s Office. We hope you will find the following information helpful should you have a concern or need a change on a motor vehicle assessment.  If you have placed the same marker plates on a new vehicle, DMV will notify our office of that change.

Notify the Assessor’s Office in the event of a totaled, sold, or stolen vehicle, or address change to ensure that you will receive any credit that is due on a vehicle which you turned in the marker plates.  The DMV will not automatically forward the information.  All documentation must be dated and include the vehicle identification number (VIN).


Item #1 Marker Plate/Registration cancellation receipt from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.

Item #2 Any one (1) of the following:

Bill of sale

Transfer of title

Purchase agreement showing the vehicle as a trade-in

Police report of a stolen vehicle which was not recovered

Insurance statement of cancellation which must include the date cancelled, year, make, model, and VIN#

Receipt from the junk yard

Donation receipt

Out of state registration

Please note that per CGS 12-71c any application for credit must be submitted by December 31st following the end of the next assessment year in which the situation occurred.  For example, if you have a vehicle on the 10/01/2014 Grand List that was sold some time prior to September of 2015, you must ask for an adjustment before December 31, 2016.