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Megan Haskins

Lynne Skinner


Megan Haskins: 860-767-4340 Ext. 120
Lynne Skinner: 860-767-4340 Ext. 121


Essex Town Hall
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Key Contacts

Megan Haskins
860-767-4340 x120

Local tax revenue is primarily derived from real estate, personal property (for businesses), and motor vehicle taxes.

As you can imagine, our office gets very busy at times. We encourage people to send their tax payments by mail rather than waiting in line.



  • Remember to save your tax receipts in order to submit them with your income tax returns.
  • If you want us to send you a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with your payment.
  • You can make multiple payments with one check if you wish, except for delinquent motor vehicle tax.
  • Outstanding motor vehicle tax bills must be paid by cash, money order or certified check before you will be issued a motor vehicle clearance.
  • When changing your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles, make sure to change your driver's license and registration as well.
  • When making your request for a Motor Vehicle adjustment, please bring verification of the change with you to the Assessor's Office (860-767-4340 ext. 124). Acceptable verifications include:

1) plate receipt with affidavit

2) bill of sale

3) letter from your insurance company showing the date and reason for the change

4) out-of-state registration

  • On your vehicle registration, make sure your proper town code is included.

If you have not received your tax bill, make sure to contact us! Failure to receive a tax bill will not protect you from being charged interest on delinquent payments (CT Statute Section 12-130).


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lynne Skinner Tax Collector Assistant 860-767-4340 x121
Megan Haskins Tax Collector 860-767-4340 x120
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