Important Dates, Veterans, and Miscellaneous Information

The last revaluation for the Town of Essex was effective October 1, 2013.  The next revaluation will be effective with the October 1, 2018 Grand List.  Revaluations are required every five (5) years per Connecticut General Statutes.

February 1 to May 15, Annually - Filing period for the Elderly Homeowner or Totally Disabled applications; income limits apply.

February 1 to May 15, Annually - The filing period for Additional Veteran's Exemption. Income limits apply for this program.

May 15 - Deadline for application for Elderly Homeowner or Totally Disabled benefit (Circuit Breaker and Local Option Elderly). Anyone currently on the program who is due to file will receive a form in the mail. Proof of income is required when filing for these programs. Income includes all taxable, non-taxable, and social security income. Persons wishing to file must be 65 or over.

September 1 - We begin accepting applications for PA 490 (Farm, Forest, & Open Space) land classification

September 30 - Deadline for Veteran's to file their DD214 with the Town Clerk to obtain exemption on the October 1st Grand List

November 1 - All Personal Property Declarations must be filed by this date to avoid a 25% penalty.

Active Duty Servicepersons - Active Duty personnel stationed outside CT must file a written application for the exemption of one passenger motor vehicle. Forms are available here or at the Assessor's Office.

Veteran's having a disability rating must file the initial Veteran's Administration Disability letter with the Assessor's Office listing the level of service connected disability. This form only needs to be filed once unless there is a change in status.

Blind and Totally Disabled exemption forms are available at the Assessor's Office.

Farm, Forest, and Local Option Open Space initial applications must be filed before November 1