Harbor Management Commission


Essex Town Hall
United States

Key Contacts

The Harbor Master is Paul Riggio, he can be reach via email at HarborMaster@EssexCT.gov.

The Deputy Harbor Master is Buddy Hitchcock.

The Harbor Management Commission maintains anchorage markers and works with the Harbor Master on mooring permits and anchorage layout. The Commission also reviews and comments on permit applications for the Department of Environmental Protection.

The Essex Harbor Management Commission will send an annual email only to those individuals on the Wait Lists for Mooring and Small Vessel-Bushnell Street Public Access Storage area. To remain on either Wait List, a  $10.00 yearly fee must be paid during the renewal periods. Renewals are sent automatically via email.

Those who no longer wish to remain on the Mooring wait list should contact the Harbor Master at HarborMaster@EssexCT.gov  or call the Essex Harbor Master at 860-767-0032.

Commission Members

Name Title
Jeffrey Going Chair
John Senning Member
Joseph Zaraschi Vice Chair
Terry Stewart Treasurer
Earl Fowler Member
Kit Schellens Alternate
Susan Malan Alternate
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