Does the Town offer any kind of tax assistance to seniors?

The Circuit Breaker
This is a state program where if your income (including social security) is below a certain level the State will pay a portion of your property tax.  It depends on your income level how much the state will pay.  It is a sliding scale. Click for more information.

The Local Option Abatement
This is a Town program where if you qualify for the State program the town will provide a matching benefit.  If your age and the years you have lived in the home you are asking for the benefit for; add up to 100, the Town will match the State benefit 100%.  For example, if you are 70 and have been a in your home for 30 years and your total income is below 22,000 per year; the state may pay $750 of your taxes and then the Town would abate another $750.

The Local Option Deferral
For resident’s that meet the rule of 85, this local program would allow you to freeze your taxes at the current rate and defer payment until the time that the property transfers either into your estate or due to a sale.  There is a lien placed on your property for the amount of the deferral and the interest.  Please click here for more information.