Recent Car Thefts in Town

Unfortunately, multiple vehicles were stolen  in Town over the past week. There were also several cars, left unlocked, that had been been gone through and items stolen.  It appears this group, a mix of juveniles and young adults, is coming out of New Haven. These juveniles are not being put into facilities or prosecuted so they are returning to do it again. We don't want this to escalate to home invasions because of an open door.


All of the surrounding towns have been hit recently and apparently word has spread that this area is "easy pickings". These are crimes of opportunity that may have been avoided if the vehicles were locked.


We strongly recommend that residents take their keys, key fobs, wallets, pocketbooks, briefcases, cell phones, etc. with them and lock their vehicles upon exiting, whether it be for a short period of time or for the night. Please remember it's always best to close your garage doors and keep the doors to your home locked.


If you see anyone acting suspicious, please call the Essex Police at 860-767-1054 or 911 if you believe it is an emergency.