Hours: Monday through Friday 9AM - 4PM

Please note that ALL inspections are scheduled by

Darcy ( or x144) or

Kerry ( or x119)

Photographic evidence of code compliance will be considered on a case by case basis if previously approved by the Building Official .  You may inquire if photos are acceptable when scheduling an inspection.

The Building Official must be licensed by the State of Connecticut.  The  Building Official administers the town's building inspection program, adhering to and enforcing all code requirements of the State of Connecticut relating to building construction.  Additional responsibilities include administering and enforcing all related state codes for the safety, health and welfare of persons and properties in town, supervising departmental policies and procedures and providing technical assistance to town officials.

Online Building Permit System

For the convenience of both property owners and contractors, the Town of Essex now employs an online permit system. Through an easy to use web portal, you may apply for a building permit, attach supporting documents and check the status of a permit.

Required fees may be paid by credit card online or feel free to send a check through the mail.  Be sure to scan and attach supporting documentation (i.e. Certificate of Insurance illustrating Worker's Compensation or a State of CT form 7A/B or C and drawings) to your completed application and provide as much information as you can on the form as incomplete applications may be rejected.  Most importantly, provide your contact information so that we may reach you with any questions we may have or advise you of additional information that may be required.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Darcy Roper Administrative Assistant 860-767-4340 x144
Kerry Berardinelli Administrative Assistant 860-767-4340 x119
David Mesite Building Official 860-767-4340 x117