Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission is responsible for the continuous review, updates and administration of the Essex Zoning Regulations. Revision updates to the Zoning Regulations are made periodically to conform to State Statutes and to changing concerns regarding development in Essex. In addition, the Commission reviews applications for Special Exceptions and Coastal Area Management site plans.  The Commission is responsible for the development and implementation of the municipal Plan of Conservation and Development and for the review of subdivisions and re-subdivisions. It advises the Board of Selectmen regarding municipal projects.

Per the Connecticut General Statutes the Planning and Zoning Commission:

  • Must prepare, amend and adopt a plan of conservation and development, showing the commission's recommendation for the most desirable use of land for residential, recreational, commercial, industrial and other purposes at least once every ten years.
  • Must review and may make recommendations on all proposed municipal improvements, such as street locations or changes; public schools, parks and utilities; and public housing developments.
  • May establish, change or repeal regulations for the subdivision and resubdivision of land.
  • Determines whether the existing division of any land constitutes a subdivision or resubdivision.
  • Hears, considers, and decides upon applications for approvals of the subdivision or resubdivision of land.
  • The commission may waive certain requirements of the subdivision regulations when deciding upon applications for subdivision or resubdivision where special conditions exist, in accordance with standards and criteria set forth in the zoning regulations but only if the waiver will not adversely affect adjacent property with respect to public health and safety.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Carey Duques Land Use Official 860-767-4340 x115
John Guszkowski Consulting Planner 860-785-5449

Board Members

Name Title
Russell Smith Chair
Jane Siris Vice Chair
Mark Reeves Member
Robert Day Member
Jeffrey Lovelace Alternate
Thomas Carroll Alternate
David Rosengren Alternate
Chris Riley Member
Gary Riggio Member
Vacant Position Member