Tree Committee

Welcome to the Essex Tree Committee’s Web page! The Essex Tree Committee was established in 1990 to inventory, preserve and replace our priceless resource of street trees. Funding for the plantings comes from the Town, grants and private donations.

The Essex Tree Committee is composed of the Town Tree Warden as an ex-officio member and a minimum of two to a maximum of six members appointed by the Board of Selectman to serve without pay for terms of three years duration. The Essex Tree Committee has six meetings per year.

Trees are an essential part of the community, the Essex Tree Committee believes, and there are now 1,736 inventoried trees in Essex. They help maintain air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. They stabilize the soil aiding in flood control. They assist in neutralizing waste water. They provide shade and habitat for birds and reduce noise. They add both beauty and value to the Town’s streets and roads.

For more information, or if you would like to consider the gift of a tree in memory of a loved one, please call the Tree Warden at 860-388-7209.

Committee Members

Name Title
Ken Bombaci Member
Nancy Hudson Member
Augie Pampel Tree Warden
Vacancy - 3 year term Member
Susan Malan Member
Glenn Jacobsen Member
Phyllis Pratt O'Neil Member
John Molloy Member