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COVID-19 Testing Sites near Essex  or for additional sites see instructions below.
  1. To view a statewide list and map of all COVID-19 testing sites, go to the homepage and search keyword ‘COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests’ for your zip code or town. Or visit, enter your zip code or town, and press the yellow search icon.
  2. For a list of sites that do walk up testing and do not require an individual to be in a vehicle, click here, enter your zip code or town, and press the yellow search icon.
  3. For a list of sites that do testing for children, click here, enter your zip code or town, and press the yellow search icon.

COVID-19 Symptom Tracking Sheet.  Community transmission of Coronavirus is occurring, and people are becoming ill.  Most people can manage their symptoms AT HOME with fever reducing medications, cough medicine, and lots of rest.  Tracking your symptoms helps you gauge illness progression and resolution, potential severity, and also helps track illness among household members. Print the symptom tracking sheet for each member of your household and if needed, give your symptom tracking sheet to your physician or first responder.

If you are Experiencing Symptoms of COVID-19:
  • STAY HOME.  Do not go out to public places.  Have neighbors, family, or friends bring necessary items to you and leave them on the doorstep or other area outside of your home.
  • Isolate the ill person to one room and one bathroom, whenever possible
  • Disinfect the household – bathrooms, kitchen, bedding, frequently-touched surfaces, etc.
  • Have the ill person wear a mask. 
  • Limit contact with the ill person to only one other person in the home.
  • Other household members should stay away from the ill person (social distancing) and increase personal hygiene (wash hands, clothes, surfaces frequently) .
  • Household members must stay home for 14 days.
  • Use the COVID-19 Symptom Tracking sheets (see above) to monitor illness symptom and progression.
  • If symptoms worsen, CALL your physician for instructions. CALL 911 for emergencies.

COVID-19: Caring for Someone at Home & When to End Home Isolation

Visit CDC or State of CT websites for additional information for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)


2020 ServSafe Schedule: The Connecticut Restaurant Association announces the 2020 ServSafe Schedule. ServSafe Manager meets the requirement for the state mandated Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM). The current schedule can be found at,

The Private Well Class: Learn about drinking water wells from videos, podcasts, and by email.  Learn how to protect your drinking water well.

Stormwater: Educational information to reduce/eliminate pollution in stormwater runoff -- pet waste, fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, impervious cover, and the impacts of illicit discharge.

Nuisance/Distressed Dogs: Contact the Animal Control Officer at            860-767-4340 x160.


Healthy People in a Healthy Community is the goal for the Essex Health Department. We are committed to providing essential local public health services and programs through on-going education, prevention of diseases, investigation of health problems, monitoring and advocacy. We investigate complaints concerning environmental conditions and violations of the Public Health Code and take appropriate enforcement action.

The Health Department enforces Connecticut General Statutes, Connecticut Public Health Code Regulations and the Essex Waste Water Management Ordinance.

As you travel through this site you will find information on our services, health articles, applications for permits, a section to register complaints, and information on recent health issues.

We are happy to respond to inquiries, comments, or suggestions for new programs that will improve our community's health and safety.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lisa Fasulo Director of Health / Registered Sanitarian 860-767-4340 x118
Darcy Roper Administrative Assistant 860-767-4340 x144
Kerry Berardinelli Administrative Assistant 860-767-4340 x119
Don Mitchell Registered Sanitarian 860-767-4340 x 151