I found a dead deer in my yard. What should I do?

If ever you find a dead deer in your yard, or some other large dead animal, you must first bring the carcass to the edge of the road for pick-up. If you live on a State road, call DEEP at 860-424-3011. If you live on a Town road, the Essex Highway Department will pick it up. You can reach them at 860-767-0715. Again, make sure that you bring it to the edge of the road.

If you need help moving the carcass and cannot get any from a friend or neighbor, you can call a State licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control person. There is a charge for this service. Call Phillip Greatsinger at 860-399-1772.

Other alternatives include burying the carcass on your property. If it is in pieces, you can bag and dispose of them in the trash, or bring it to the landfill.